A goal of this publication is the dissemination of the invention which transforms PC into the absolutely secure and invulnerable device.

Alexandre Polozine,
Doctor of Engineering


1. Introduction
2. Vulnerability of the traditional Personal Computer
3. Disadvantages while using the PC collectively
4. The Absolute Security Computer
5. Access to the invention
6. Questions and answers (F.A.Q.)



A goal of the presented paper is the demonstration of the innovation which has been developed to eliminate the principal defects of the PC (Desktop PC, or PC).

The first defect is the vulnerability of the PC to threats (viruses, spyware and etc.) coming from the Internet, the number of which increases progressively.

The second ”defect” is the vulnerability of the PC in case of its collective employment.

Besides this, after reading this paper, you will see for yourself that the construction of traditional PCs is not perfect and is obsolete. Nevertheless, an enormous body of people are used such PCs. Taking in account the listed circumstances, the coming into market of a new type of cheap computers which provide the absolute security the stored information is very in time.

The new version of PC described in this paper is devoid of two defects mentioned above. Up today, this version of PC has no official name yet. But, doubtless, it can be named by the term "Absolute Security Computer” (ASC).

Vulnerability of the traditional Personal Computer

The traditional PC of forth generation have been developed at the beginning of the eighties of the past century and it was perfect for that time.
Unfortunately, developers of the PC could not foresee the specific and rapid alterations in the computational world, generated by the explosive expansion of the Internet. A failure in the prediction of future dangers coming from the Internet and computer networks resulted today in the grave defect of the PC security. These dangers are as follows:
  • Damages (or loss) of the PC operating system;
  • Damages (or loss) of the information stored in the PC;
  • The theft of confidential data (bank passwords, private data, and etc.);
  • Remote spying of the private life of users.
Extreme vulnerability of personal computers caused the creation of numerous enterprises aimed at the computer protection. But modern hackers demonstrate, that the virtual tools of the computer protection developed against the remote invasion are weakly efficient, and that any virtual security system can be broken. Moreover, the users of personal computers are obliged to permit the uncontrollable access to their computers for manufactures of software during the installation or actualization of programs.

A size of the problem has been commented by Vinton Cerf who is considered as one of the principal creators of the Internet. According to him, today, from 100 up to 150 millions of computers are already under invisible control of criminals (crackers, hackers and etc.).

Thus, all computers connected with the Internet are vulnerable, and no one from them is protected reliably against invasions.

Disadvantages while using the PC collectively

It is well known that users of the desk computers need both in the individual and collective their employment. The collective employment of the same computer is wide spread. It is especially proper for countries in development and countries with the poor population such as Brazil, India, Russia, China e etc. The collective employment of computers is represented usually in the following forms:
  • Using of the same computer by several members of a family;
  • Using of the same computer by several students;
  • Using of the same computer by several employees.
Unfortunately, the manufactures of desk computers have been launching their production without taking in account the demands of a significant body of users. The disregard of user demands caused some problems when using the traditional PC collectively. These problems are as follows:
  • Damages (or loss) of the PC operating system;
  • Damages (or loss) of the information stored in PCs;
  • The theft of confidential data;
  • The loss of privacy for users of the same PC.

The Absolute Security Computer

Today, the computer security industry offers for customers a huge amount of products aimed at the virtual protection of the PC.  Unfortunately, the efficiency of virtual tools of the protection is doubtful, as any virtual protection can be broken by the same way.  But, till now, nobody has been trying to develop alternative tools of the PC protection.

(The author of the present paper tried himself, at first, to use the known tools of the virtual protection, but he didn’t succeed. Finally, the author rejected this idea and developed new system of computer security based on the alteration of the PC scheme. The obtained results proved to be excellent: the disadvantages of the traditional PC, described above, disappeared and, at the same time, all advantages of the traditional PC have been retained.).

Computer of new type (ASC) represents an advanced version of the traditional PC. It differs from the latter by the inner architecture. This changed architecture, used in combination with a certain poor-known and cheap utility available in the market, provides the absolute invulnerability of the computer. Its efficiency has been tested in practice by 6000 hours of functioning. The resumed description of ASC is as follows:

Principal advantages:

  1. Invulnerability of the ASC to virtual attacks from the Internet or local networks;
  2. Absolute protection of confidential information storied in the computer during the
    Internet session. Nobody can steal or damage, virtually, this information by using the
    Internet or local networks;
  3. Absolute protection of confidential information in case of the collective employment of
    the computer.
  4. A failure (error, ill-intention) made by one from users of the ASC cannot influence
    on the work of the others.

Complexity of the technical realization:

  • The innovation can be easily applied to any traditional PC. All materials and components which are necessary to transform the traditional PC in the Absolute Security Computer are available today in the market. This transformation can be made by a user himself or with the help of some technician, and the work may be fulfilled in one day. To realize the work, only some simple instruments such as soldering iron, screwdriver, pliers, and etc., are required.

Cost of materials and components:

  • Cost of materials, components and instruments varies depending on the desirable configuration of the Absolute Security Computer, but this cost is incomparably less
    than the total cost of the traditional PC.

Access to the invention

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