Author's answers to the possible questions of users (F.A.Q.)

1.Does the Absolute Security Computer (ASC) exist really?
The ASC has been already fabricated on the base of a traditional desktop computer and it operates excellently. You can find some information concerning this computer of new type in documents of the Ministry on Science and Technology of Brazil.
2 Was your innovation being offered for some computer companies?
I was in contact with the Company "Fujitsu Siemens Computers" for some time. The Company manifested the desire to get hold of all technical documentation on the invention.
But it did not give any guarantee concerning the preservation of my author’s rights for the ASC. Therefore, I refused to continue the negotiation.
3. Is the innovation for sale or is for the free dissemination?
The invention may be sold only in case it would be protected against the illegal use by a state patent.
Unfortunately, an international patent is awfully expensive: it costs more than 120.000 USD and, consequently, is inaccessible for the absolute majority of inventors.
4. What compensation will you get by giving your innovation for the public use?
I'll get the moral satisfaction.
I did a good work and I would like to share the results with you. Besides this, the public use of the invention make impossible its theft by large-scale companies like this usually happens to valuable scientific and technical achievements.
5. Will the innovation help to put end to the hackership?
Yes, it will help.
The hackership as a mass phenomenon will begin to decline because of disappearing conditions for such activity, that is, it will be impossible for hackers to steal any information from another’s computer or damage it.
6. Do you use some antivirus programs?
No, I don't.
There is no one antivirus program in my computer. The last time I used the program "Norton AntiVirus" about 3 years ago.
7. Will the invention make unnecessary the antivirus programs?
The invention will hit at the interests of antivirus companies, but it will not abolish them.
Firstly, the innovation will be spreading slowly.
Secondly, there will be always users whose computers will not contain the valuable information. This user category would possibly prefer traditional antivirus products.
Therefore, antivirus companies will always have what to do.
8. . Will the invention make obsolete the virtual protection of PC "Desktop" ?
Yes, without a doubt.
The invention will compete vigorously with available virtual tools of computer security.

Alexandre Polozine,
D.Sc. in Engineering